WE CHALLENGE  status quos, traditional client/agency norms and naysayers who suggest big business cant be good business and that sustainable social change is impossible.  

WE PAY ATTENTION  to environment, insights, feedback and experiences from you and your stakeholders to shape strategy, objectives and priorities.

WE DATA MINE  using impact assessments, case studies and cultural influencers to ensure our work is practical, research-informed and relevant.

WE BUILD AND TEST — to identify opportunities, justify your investment and show proof of concept before delivering any final assets.  

WE INVEST  in changemakers, big ideas, passion pursuers and multidisciplinary teams to develop sustainable partnerships that connect with organizational goals and deliver measurable impact. 


Align Communications & Creative is a women-led strategy and development consulting firm and creative agency with locations in New York, NY and Fort Collins, CO. Driven by our passion for social impact, ban-the-box communications, and results-based strategy, we help our partners assess internal and external needs, identify immediate and long-term opportunities and creatively align resources to maximize impact and sustainability.  

With over a decade of experience throughout government, corporate, nonprofit and startup industries, our approach is hyper-collaborative, innovation-driven and focused on enduring results. Established in 2015 by communications and development strategist Sarah Acer, Align is an women-owned collective, comprised of industry disruptors who left their respective big-brand careers to build a new kind of agency — one that includes the perks, projects and people they always daydreamed about. Our expertise is as diverse as our taste in music and we thrive most when we're connecting dots, solving complex problems and driving social change. 

Interested in working together? Connect with us and let's talk. For consultant, volunteer or job inquiries, email us at info@alignyour.com. 

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