beCAUSE Partnership

At Align, we have made a commitment to each other, and to those we work with, to spread goodness in the world.  We are dedicated to upholding the integrity of each of our clients and their valuable missions whether the work we do is paid or not. To that end, we believe we have an innate responsibility to be good humans and to influence positive change – in our work, our communities, our world and ourselves. While there are many companies doing meaningful work throughout the world, some may not have the capacity – in funds or resources – to hire a full-service strategy and development firm. Because of this gap in the industry, Align has committed to taking on one pro bono client for every five clients who hire us, with an annual goal of one pro bono client per quarter. We recognize the value of any organization who strives to make their community and, in turn, the world a more socially conscious, active, respectable, and responsible place to live. To apply to become a beCAUSE partner, complete the application form below.

Featured beCAUSE Partners:


Keys for Refugees

Keys for Refugees is a non-profit dedicated to bringing awareness about ,and giving support to, refugees around the globe. They also want to make others aware of the positive impact that these people have on our communities. They’re dedicated to helping displaced refugees around the globe and want to bring awareness to the 65 million refugees around the world in need of settlement. A startup non-profit, Keys for Refugees was in need of a strategic planning, marketing, and a PR plan to further the organization’s reach. Align Communications & Creative designed a digital and community outreach campaign while also creating additional digital media and an event playbook. These steps put Keys for Refugees on the right path to become an influential social impact campaign.

Take the Lead

Take the Lead is on a mission to prepare, inspire, and propel women into equal leadership roles in the professional world. The non-profit organization had a need to expand its brand awareness and community relations. Align researched, designed and developed a plan to expand their reach within their community and help as many women as possible. Align also assembled a team of experts to assist Take the Lead in developing relationships with New York City based public relations partners as well as implementing these strategies for success.

First 100 Ways

In 2016, the presidential election left America and it’s communities divided and more polarized than any other time in modern history. Align gladly participated on a strategic planning and brand development team that was responsible for naming a new grassroots mobilization campaign. The name First 100 Way was born. Align also provided additional support for the campaigns growth and public relations. First 100 Ways suggests that one simple action can be done in less than 100 seconds for the first 100 days of the new administrations. The goal is to refocus political conversation from negative rhetoric to positive actions. Everyone can take it one day at a time. In just four weeks, First 100 Ways reached over 100,000 people in more than 25 countries.

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