Case Studies


Established in 2013 and co-founded by the former CEO of Planned Parenthood, Take the Lead was in need of a strategic partner to help them improve organizational development, donor relations and to enhance public relations and digital engagement. They also needed to better leverage existing programs focused on getting women to leadership parity by 2025.  In just 90 days, Align designed, managed and implemented a 360° development campaign, raising over $300,000 in pledges and donations to Take The Lead resulting in the most successful development campaign in the organization's history since it's Arizona launch. The campaign, which included high-profile influencers like Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda, brought the national nonprofit thousands of newly engaged community members, nearly 300 new donations to support program growth, and practical tools, resources and strategies to support long-term sustainability.


DC Oakes Brewhouse & Eatery began as a dream between four friends, sketched out on beer stained coasters, in between kids’ soccer games, on front porches, and during backyard Bar-B-Qs that has transformed into a reality in buzzing Fort Collins, Colorado.  When the concept reached our doors, the team at Align knew that an unforgettable brand (and experience) had to be built. From the concept down to the brews, ACC has been dedicated to every detail of the DC Oakes name. Our team developed the logo, the brand identity, the architecture, the interior design, the marketing strategy, and the public relations, as well as the social media for this budding business in order to properly showcase to the Colorado community exactly what DC Oakes has to offer.


Founded by Dr. Andrew Browning, Maternity Africa is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping women across Africa by making childbirth safer. Maternity Africa works to build a safe and supportive infrastructure in hospitals and care centers through direct medical care, support and training for local health care workers, physical infrastructure such as safe waiting areas, the identification of high-risk patients, and treating birth-induced injuries such as obstetric fistula. Currently, Maternity Africa is engaged in their largest project to date: building the Kivulini Maternity Centre in Arusha, Tanzania which will also serve as a training facility for midwives to gain accurate knowledge in order to facilitate safe and sanitary births when they return to their local villages. In their its quest to become completely donor funded, Maternity Africa was in need of a strategic support to spread their message globally and , to engage new donors , and to re-engage their original sponsors. Align provided organizational development, support, and customized tools to support Maternity Africa as it began developing its strategic plan. With a goal of developing an advisory board, and a presence in both the UK and the US, these stakeholder outreach and developmental efforts aim to translate Maternity Africa's increase in sponsors, donations, and partnerships for the Kivulini Maternity Centre.


Faced with unprecedented budget cuts and increasing constituent requests for support, the Arizona Attorney General's Office embarked on a statewide transformation initiative aimed at unifying their technology systems and communication efforts across seven divisions, 15 counties and 1,400 staff. Designed to improve inter-department and agency-wide efficiency, inform new constituent programs and tools and enhance the allocation of existing resources, this one-year technology and workforce development initiative was, led by Align's lead strategist. This plan, improved department efficiency rates and constituent communication response time by over 30% and delivered an estimated 1.2 million in cost savings.


Founded in 1979 to tackle the toughest health and social issues that confront low-income communities across the globe, CAI's communication efforts did not fully capture the impact, inspiration or sterling reputation of its 30 year brand. Over the course of 16 months, CAI underwent a global re-branding initiative designed by Align's founder implementing new sub-brands, programs, processes and quality measures in 10 countries, four languages and across 40+ projects. This effort extended to every corner of the organization to ensure organizational sustainability, brand consistency and growth opportunities to allow CAI and its 100 person team to continue fulfilling its important social justice mission. 


Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Le Tutor Language Schools is a start up with a passion for foreign languages and a mission to help people achieve their goal of speaking a foreign language. Focused on increasing its student population, community exposure and on-boarding processes,  Le Tutor worked with Align's founder to develop outreach strategies, key messages, data-driven marketing campaigns and brand activation events to translate engagement efforts into hundreds of new customers and subsequently, additional language classes during a one-year period.

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