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Who are We?

We are looking high and low for the best and the brightest minds to expand our creative family at Align. What separates us from the rest? We work with real-life experience and lead by example. Work meetings over a beer or a cup of joe are a must, traveling the world is in our blood, spreading the do-goodery bug is our mission, and making the world of business more creative, collaborative, fun, and socially impactful is our anthem. Align isn’t limited to scale, media, or discipline- we focus on building partnership with people we like, and doing projects for organizations we love.

Defining Your Role

Marketing and Communications. Marketing and communications skills are at the core of what we practice at Align. We are looking to develop these skills in eager interns so you will be able to lead marketing campaigns, communication strategies, and communicate with our inspiring clients in order to deliver the best results and recommendations.

Branding. Branding isn’t just for cattle - everything we see exudes a brand & style - even you! As an Align intern, you'll work closely with our head branding strategy and development wizards to gain incredible experience with the in's and out’s of creating a brand from the bottom up. You'll also help further develop our clients’ brands to make a more meaningful and engaging message to the community.

 Graphic Design. Aesthetic is key, and drawing our audience’s eyes towards meaningful work happens best when there is beauty and art involved. Join this track to learn the latest and greatest when it comes to logo development, web design, and other graphic design engagement projects with our inspiring clients.

 Events and Operations. From grand openings, to launching a new brewery, to organizing a nationwide book tour, to unveiling a completely revamped website or campaign, the team behind Align is dedicated to detail, coordination, creativity, and of course, having fun. Want to sharpen your event coordination and operations skills? This track is the one for you

Social Media. More than just selfies and cute kitten pics (although we’re suckers for those little furballs), Align sees the value in staying current and up-to-date about what's happening around us, whether it’s global or local. We pride ourselves on staying informed and current on our social media, and we promise only the most interesting perspectives when managing our client’s social media accounts. Even better, we teach our clients how to have a good eye when it comes to social media strategy, so they can become pros too.

 Data Analysis. It’s imperative that Align delivers not only creativity and individuality to our clients, but that we deliver numbers too. The number-fiends that make up our team are eager to analyze and make evidence-based decisions and recommendations for our clients, and we want to pass that knowledge and experience onto you!

About the Internship Program

Available during the Spring, Summer and Fall, Align is offering internships to highly-motivated, currently enrolled college students who have a passion for proactive discussions, have a knack for communication-driven business strategy and thrive in a team-based working environment.  Selected interns will have the opportunity to work closely with the Align Communications & Creative team in New York, NY. Align interns gain real world experience when working with clients ranging from nonprofit organizations, to local shop owners, to bigger business ventures in our community and nationwide.  We believe in challenging our employees to pay attention to the environment, build and test to identify opportunities, and to play with the rest of the team.  All Align interns will work approximately 15-20 hours per week and will have the opportunity to travel to meetings, team retreats and functions. As avid travelers and adventurers ourselves, all interns will receive one round trip ticket on Southwest Airlines (to be coordinated with their supervisor) upon the successful completion of their internship.

Fields of Study

Strategic Communications, Branding, and Organizational Development.

How to Become an Align Intern

Application Process:

To apply for an internship, please email your application to and include the completed application form and your resume. Applicants will be contacted directly for follow-up interviews in person or by phone and/or video conferencing.

Important Dates:

Selected interns will will work part time remote and part time in person during their 12 week internship.

Fall: October – December 2017 (applications accepted until 9/15/17)

Spring: February – May 2018 (applications accepted until 12/20/18)

Summer: June – August  2018 (applications accepted until 5/10/18)