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Wanna Work With Us?

We are looking for the best and brightest minds to expand our creative family at Align. What separates us from the rest? We work with people we really like, on projects we really love and only take on clients that — wait for it — align with our mission, vision and values. End. Period. Dot.

Who Are We?  We are a women-led strategy and development creative agency, headquartered in New York, with dream teams in Colorado and Arizona. We are aggressive problem solvers, office dance partiers, pet lovers, changemakers and passion pursuers. We work exclusively with people who challenge us to think bigger, reach higher and squash the status quo. We are a collective of dot connectors, brand warriors and data geeks who left that big agency life to build what didn’t exist. We are proud supporters of workcations, passport stamp collecting and actually maintaining work/life balance. We believe in big ideas, smart systems and doing whatever it takes to WOOJ, or what we call, "working ourselves out of a job."  To learn more about our totally weird (but totally awesome) approach, click here.

Who Are You? Often described as a Jane or Jack of all-trades, you thrive in environments that allow you to work on diverse projects and across sectors. Maybe you’re a creative hobbyist with mad problem solving skills and a secret love of Excel, or perhaps you’re a word wizard who moonlights as a developer of all things digital. You are a connector of people, theories, trends and skills and you translate your skills and add value on projects with ease. Most mornings, you wake up determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. And sometimes this makes planning your day a little bit difficult.  Above all else, you dream about spending your precious time doing meaningful work, with people you more than just tolerate, and in a way that actually creates measurable impact for the world you live in. 

Don't see a position available that perfectly matches your skills, passions and interests?

Not to worry — we're always open to hearing from innovative changemakers and would love to hear from you, too! Drop us a line at and tell us why you're our next best new hire. We look forward to hearing from you!