As economic, social and technological landscapes continue to evolve, organizations are faced with the daunting challenge of strategically adapting, maintaining relevance and above all else, continuing to fulfill their missions. While daunting, this task isn't just a priority for organizations — it's a requirement. 

Through comprehensive capacity assessments, financially-focused scenario planning and an unwavering commitment to mission, organizations can successfully develop and implement systems and processes that ensure long-term success.  

Research & Development Services

  • Campaign Strategy & Development

  • Corporate Partnerships & Major Gift Support

  • Growth Strategy & Succession Planning

  • Donor Cultivation Strategy & Grantwriting

  • Event/Gala Planning & Design

  • Needs Assessments & Sustainability Planning

  • Proposal Development & Response

  • Staff Training & Systems Building

"I have never worked with someone who follows up and navigates responsibilities as effectively as the Align team. They are impressively professional, always motivated, passionate about their work and they lead internal teams with grace." - Janset Batibay, Business Development Specialist for the Turkish Practice and Art Law Group at Herrick, Feinstein LLP

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