In a world where generic marketing speak and industry buzzwords flood inboxes daily, creating authentic brand experiences has become something of a lost art.

While many brands struggle to even identify meaningful opportunities to connect with their target audiences, others invest inefficiently without influential data to inform their planning and ensure outcomes. At Align, we believe marketing efforts shouldn't just be linked to mission, they should be built around it to add real value to your brand and your stakeholders.

Interested in growing your brand with impact-focused marketing and user experience services?  Contact us to request a needs assessment on your current marketing efforts. 

Marketing & Experiential Services

  • Experiential Design Strategy

  • Event Design, Launch & Evaluation

  • Brand Engagement Evaluation

  • Content Marketing & Strategy

  • Email & Online Marketing Analysis

  • Environmental Scans

  • Social Marketing Campaign Strategy

  • Trend Studies & Analysis

  • Usability Testing & Focus Groups

"Staff enjoy working with Sarah and her team and she gets things done. In 2010, Sarah served as lead copy writer and user experience designer and was instrumental in our website's build, testing and launch. Both Sarah's and our web programming team's efforts were recognized nationally and the website was the recipient of the 2010 CWAG website of the year." - Jane Irvine, JI Consulting